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Word of the Day: poco realista
Translation: unrealistic
Pronunciation: poe-ko re-awl-lee-stah

Billy Barty was a famous little person. Who would have guessed a guy like Billy could be a movie star?

Then again there are some dreams to which life just seems to say “No Freakin Way.” What do you do then Spanglistas? Keep burning? Give up? Do you listen to friends? Some of Billy’s friends might have discouraged him from pursuing acting. They’d have been wrong. The same folks might have dissuaded him from taking on the heavy weight champ in a title match and they’d have been right.

Or would they? Had Billy taken on The Champ he might have scored a well-placed shot to the knees. The Big Man ain’t The Champ if he can’t stand up.

I guess the deal is to do what you love and let the blows fall where they may.