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Word of the Day: dislexia comunista
Translation: communist dyslexia
Pronunciation: dis-lex-yah kom-mu-nee-stah

May Day! May Day! May Day!

See Spangladeros, one problem with the left is that they do stuff like take a perfectly good European Spring holiday and co-opt it into stupid commie stuff! Happily most of us still associate May Day with flowers! Take that you stupid commies!

Although, wait!! I DO think we should be marching against extended warranties! Extended Warranties are a Vampire extortion plot to separate us poor worker-types from our basic human rights, you know, like the right to buy something and have it work without extra fees, monies and fancy-pants plans.

Rise Spangladeros! Rise and March! May Day! Just keep the red flags to a minimum. They scare everybody.