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Word of the Day: cruzar la carretera
Translation: cross the road
Pronunciation: crew-zar la carrr-rrret-tair-ra

Most a you Spangladeros are familiar with the word “calle” (kai-yeah.) Maybe even “camino” (ka-mean-no.) Both can mean street or road. Here’s another way to say road, “carretera” – a place for carretas (carts – implying commercial traffic) but not so much for chickens unless they are IN a carreta.

Language is history and history is a mystery. Like how does the common English word for a Buick, “car” end up sounding like the Spanish word for a road, carretera? We blame the Latins.

But today is not so much about Latin monks wandering around all over the place messin up everybody’s lingo sixteen hundred years ago, it’s more about being in the right – in the wrong place.