grammar & pronounciation

Ah, “here it is” you say, “all the stuff you didn’t want to learn.” Don’t panic. This sorry little section as all the grammar we are going to teach. Ever.

1. Gender, Tense and Number

Spanish words have gender, tense and number.

Gender: Spanish masculine words end in “o” or “os”, feminine words end in “a” or “as.” You’ll figure it out. English had gender too – hundreds of years ago. In fact, many Gringos are still sitting around wondering, “What happened to our gender?”

Tense: English is a pretty tense language but that’s another story. English handles Tense a little differently than Spanish. Or at least it did. It probably always will. So, for right now, we’ll leave this whole “Tense” issue in past, err, or future.

Number: One gringo – El Gringo – becomes, Los Gringos when there’s a bunch of ‘em. They also become a pain in the butt if you add beer but that’s a different sort of grammar lesson. Similarly La Gringa – the Gringo Gal – is Las Gringas in plural. We won’t EVEN mention what happens when you add beer (cervesa) to that bunch.

2. Spanish Pronunciation

Repeat after me: “Ah – Ay – Ee – Oh – Oo.” Say it fast five times. There are your vowels. Trill the “r’s”, blend a “th” into the “D’s” double L’s are pronounced like “Yah” and “J’s are “h’s”. So are “x’s”. That’s about it.

We’re done. Señior Cisneros, our High School Spanish Teacher is now weeping uncontrollably. Lo siento patron.