USE it.

We’ve translated a bunch of common words and phrases into their most general form. It’s horrible Spanish, we know, but it will work.

Memorize one word a day. Anybody can do that. Like us on Facebook or use the RSS subscribe to get a new word every day. Use your new word your English sentences whenever you can – at least three times throughout the day. Find ways to use it. Write it down a couple of times. It will help if, when you say it, you say both the English and (the Spanish) versions of the word.

For instance, “Paula, can I have este (that)?”

Sooner or later, using the Spanglish for Gringos system, you’ll come up with sentences like this:

“Paula, can I have that?” ¿ Paula, puede yo tiene este?

This is REALLY BAD Spanish. Believe me, we get hate mail from both Spanish AND English teachers. However, in context, if Paula were a native Spanish speaker and you had been sitting with her at a table asking if you could keep a photo, or pointing to something out of your reach, she’d know exactly what you meant.

But don’t worry about making sentences right away. Do it one word a day. Just sprinkle your normal conversation with more and more Spanglish. Ease into it but do it everyday! In a little over three months you’ll be stylin’.

We do have a little grammar lesson. Mostly we tell you to ignore everything. So what if your high school Spanish teacher breaks out in tears when he hears how you mangle the language? Your Spanish speaking friends will appreciate the effort. Well, SOME of them might. If you keep it up, sooner or later they’ll push you into the correct form.

Or not so correct, ¡Oralé!

So go for it, get your first word.