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Word of the Day: ¿Oye mami que paso?
Translation: Hey Baby! How you doin’?
Pronunciation: oi-yay ma-me kay paw-so

Willy and the personajes (pear-so-na-hez = characters) want me to can the sarcastic biz references and give you a phrase to party with. The money’s no good and it’s the end of an era so why not? Let’s party!

La frase (frah-say = phrase) ¿Oye mami que paso? is the flip side of our tagline ¡Hola Papi!

It doesn’t quite translate literally so forget that part. Know this, it’s how you say “Hi!” to a gal when you want to do something more than just exchange business cards.

So you Spangladeros práctica esta frase para el weekend. ¿Bien? Say it with feeling!