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Word of the Day:calcular mal
Translation:bad idea
Pronunciation:kal-ku-lawr mawl

The first Spanglish for Gringos post, published in March 2011, featured and old sketch I made having a little fun with history.

Gringos are always underestimating Mexico. That was certainly true in San Antonio de Bexar in 1836, and the tendency is still lurking around today. I, for one, love the power and beauty of the Mexican culture and the Spanish language. I also find the racism and stupidity often displayed in History so sickening, and so wasteful, that my only response can be humor.

So, after 816 cartoons, on the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo, I find it appropriate to re-post, “Calcular Mal” as my last Word of the Day. I’m taking a break. At least for a while. Although it’s NEVER a bad idea to learn a little Spanglish, today’s frase works on a lot of levels for me personally and remains useful for a lot of contemporary Gringo stuff!

Via con Dios Amigos.